Taicang — the perfect location and conditions for firms

The city Taicang in Jiangsu Province is about 42 kilometers northwest of the city centre of Shanghai, which is about 45 minutes by car away. This former fishing village, located on the Yangtze Delta, now has a population of over 700,000. Taicang has become an attractive site of industry and commerce.

In 1993, the first manufacturing site of a Germany company was opened in Taicang. Since then, with political support, more than 200 German, mainly mid-sized companies have located their operations in Taicang. A variety of firms from different sectors, such as automotive, machine construction, foodstuffs, apparel, electronics, and energy, are represented.

Impressions of Taicang

The Taicang Economic Development Area (TCEDA) was initiated in 1991. On an area of about 80 square kilometres, over 600 foreign companies have since established themselves in the TCEDA; in all of Taicang, more than 1,200 companies. In 2014, economic growth was 8.6% and gross domestic product was 106 billion CNY.

The German Centre Taicang is located in the central business district of the city between the Economic Development Zone and the city centre. Good connections to Shanghai and Suzhou are provided by motorways. The metro line 11 and the fast trains provide additional connections to Shanghai. In addition, both airports of the city of Shanghai may be reached by car within a short time.