German Centre Taicang Academy

In German Centre you do not only find high quality office facilities but also extensive service offers. German Centre Taicang Academy provides a comprehensive selection of workshops and further education for you and your employees.

Especially practical and hands-on skills which are relevant for everyday work can be learned and strengthened in German Centre Taicang Academy. We are working with qualified and experienced experts who teach in customized workshops fundamental know-how and practical skills. A small number of participants in each workshop will guarantee a maximum knowledge transfer and enough time for individual questions.

You did not find the training you were looking for? No problem. Please contact us and we will conceptualize a training according to your needs.

You can find an overview of all upcoming dates here. Please find the detailed workshop offers as followed:

Business Operation

Topics such as Project Management, Process Management and Risk Management are crucial for successful business operations. Managers and employees of an organization need to be able to identify, analyze, monitor and mitigate problems and workflows that threaten the achievement of the organization’s strategic objectives.

German Centre Taicang Academy offers an array of business operation trainings to support companies to optimize daily work flows and deal with special business challenges.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an important strategy in companies, but many managers do not know how to comply with it and how to put it into practice.

By offering CSR trainings, the experts of Taicang Inclusion Factory add an important offer to the German Centre Taicang Academy portfolio. The comprehensive trainings will raise awareness for CSR within a company and will support companies with the implementation of their CSR strategy.

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Finance Trainings

Professional and well trained personnel in the finance department is very important for the success of a company. Especially in internationally operating companies, employees do not only have to be up to date on the current situation in China but also about regulations and processes of the mother company.

The German Centre Taicang Academy is closing this knowledge gap by offering informative workshops regarding basic knowledge about the respective other system.

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HR Trainings

Professional and well trained HR personnel is essential for the success of an enterprise.

With a comprehensive course offer German Centre Taicang Academy addresses relevant HR topics where HR personnel will receive hands-on input for an effective recruitments process and a successful retention strategy.

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Intercultural Training

Sometimes it is not easy to work in an international environment. Employees are presented with challenges which they would not have to deal with in a local surrounding. Even though everyone has an individual personality, there are still some characteristics and ways of behavior which can be traced back to the cultural background of a person. During every day work those can lead to unexpected conflicts. The conscience of cultural differences as well as mutual understanding can help to prevent or to mitigate such conflict situations.

During interactive workshops, experts will raise awareness for intercultural challenges in work life and will hand participants some practical tools which will help to navigate confidently in an international business environment.

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Law-related Trainings

In a dynamic business world regulations and legal requirements are omnipresent. Whether internal company regulations, national statue and law or contract law related aspects, not just lawyers but also non-juridical employees come into contact with law related topics during their daily work.

German Centre Taicang Academy is offering law related trainings and workshops to keep employees up to date and to help non-juridical employees to be able to manage law related tasks with confidence.

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Media and Communication Trainings

An effective corporate communication requires a profound marketing concept. How can an enterprise market itself, its products and its services best?

German Centre Taicang Academy addresses this topic and offers exiting workshops where participants receive practical advice and learn target directed measures to improve corporate communication of your enterprise.

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Microsoft Office Trainings

Microsoft Office has become vital for nowadays everyday work. That is why it is essential that employees are capable of working with all Microsoft Office programs. Just a few clicks, some easy formula and your presentation or process can be easily optimized – provided that you know how!

At the German Centre Taicang Academy qualified trainers will teach beginners and advanced users a fundamental Microsoft Office know-how, so that a professional handling will not constitute a challenge in future any more.

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Technical Trainings

Technical trainings help to improve knowledge, motivation and commitment of employees which in return will strengthen the international competitiveness of an enterprise.

With a comprehensive array of topics regarding technic, safety and quality management the German Centre Taicang Academy is now also providing an extensive technical training portfolio in Taicang.

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