Welcome to the growth market of China

In the past few years the People’s Republic of China has carried out a rapid ascent in business and development terms, and its importance is more and more recognized in world politics and the world economy. Measured by gross national product, China has the second-largest national economy in the world after the US. China is the growth engine of the East Asian region, a “gate to the East,” offering long-term business and economic prospects.

High sums of both domestic and international investment capital strengthen the positive development, ensuring that China remains the growth market of the future. The liberalization of the Chinese market is, with regard to this, an important cornerstone of China’s national economic policies. Besides economic hubs like Shanghai and Shenzhen, smaller cities like Taicang develop at a fast pace and gain importance for international companies. The Taicang Economic Development Area (TCEDA) was initiated in 1991 and accommodates over 600 foreign companies on an area of about 80 km² – in all of Taicang, there are more than 1,200 foreign companies. The development and the fostering of special economic zones play a leading role in the opening up of the largest national economy in the world, holding enormous opportunities for globally-active corporations as well as for internationally-oriented medium-sized companies.