Your location for successfully doing business in China

Business success over the long term can only be achieved with the right location. The German Centre Taicang is the ideal meeting point for modern, innovative companies, who unite German quality and efficiency with the dynamic Chinese market.

The long-term cooperation of Taicang’s government with German companies as well as Taicang’s perfect location between Shanghai and Suzhou make Taicang an important economic hotspot and an ideal place to successfully enter the Chinese market.


Whether a newcomer or established company in China, you will profit from the network of various German companies under the roof of the German Centre Taicang.


The German Centre Taicang is located in the central business district of the city between the Economic Development Zone and the city centre.


In June 2016 the German Centre network opened its sixth German Centre worldwide, right here in Taicang. The German Centre Taicang is a subsidiary of the German Centre Shanghai, which in turn is owned by BayernLB.

German Centre Network

With office space and services, and its rapid access to networks, the German Centre Network supports small and mid-sized companies to do business overseas.


China’s borders are open. The third-largest national economy of the world has opened the door to a market with much pent-up demand and enormous opportunities.


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