What our tenants say

Due to the coherent level of rent and the short distance to Shanghai, Taicang is a very interesting location for us. Furthermore some of our clients are also based in Taicang and are easy to reach.

We found a competent contact in the German Centre. They offer us bright and modern office units, as well as flexibility in adjusting the office according to our needs.

We also appreciate the good communication and cooperation within the German Centre.

(Since September 2016 at the German Centre Taicang)

Sven Frischgesell, IT Consultant System Engineering, proALPHA
It was important for us to meet the German demands on cleanness and fresh air during working hours in the office. These criteria, as well as the general appearance of the building and the option of underground parking convinced us to choose the German Centre Taicang.

(Since July 2015 at the German Centre Taicang)

Markus Wöhrle, General Manager, datadirect Taicang Ltd.