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Industry: Other Services

Industry: Mechanical Engineering

ALZMETALL is a company with international reputation and global activities. For six decades, we have been the leader in the technology for drilling, milling and casting.


Industry: Metal Industry and Processing

Aurubis is a leading worldwide provider of non-ferrous metals. We process complex metal concentrates and diverse recycling raw materials. Aurubis is the global leader for copper recycling. Aurubis produces high-purity, high-quality copper from copper concentrates and recycling materials and processes it into intermediate products. Copper scrap and a variety of other recycling materials are reintroduced to the economic cycle this way.


Industry: Industrial Automation

Bihl+Wiedemann GmbH was founded in 1992 in Mannheim, Germany by Jochen Bihl and Bernhard Wiedemann. The highly specialized engineering firm is among the leading providers of safety technology and electronic components for automation technology using AS-Interface.


Industry: Real Estate

C&D Group is a solid Chinese state-owned enterprise and is in the list of top 500 companies in the world selected by Fortune magazine. The company ranked as the 69th in the Fortune Global 500 rankings in 2023. Main businesses of the company are: supply chain operations, urban construction and operations, tourism exhibitions, medical health, emerging industry investment and others.

Industry: Materials



Industry: Information Technology and Services

Chayora is a world-class infrastructure developer headquartered in Hong Kong. Dedicated to build data center platforms in China, Chayora provides top international Internet and online business companies with reliable ways to quickly enter the huge Chinese market. Chayora develops hyperscale, fully scalable data centers and data center campuses in China that are designed and operated on world-class standards. Chayora offers services to global Fortune 500 companies and major data center operators in China, enabling them to rely on large-scale, high-performance and quality data center infrastructure in assisting areas of cloud computing, ICT, financial services, etc.


Industry: Other Services



Industry: Other Services



Industry: Real Estate


Industry: Other Services

Our passion for electronic components gives a new perspective to your innovations and top-class products. ComS.I.T. is synonymous with customer-focused consulting, the highest possible quality in distribution, and profitable services geared toward the success of our customers.


Industry: Information Technology and Services

Since 1998, datadirect GmbH has been a competent partner based in Freiburg for large, medium, and small businesses and organizations in southwestern Germany. As an internationally active IT security specialist, datadirect offers reliable support to globally oriented German companies for connecting globally distributed locations and their international corporate networks. The Network Operating Center (NOC) is a key benefit of customer support with datadirect, providing 24/7 support availability.


Industry: Machinery

Dunkermotoren is a leading partner for complete motor solutions in industrial automation, building automation, laboratory and medical technology, and motive applications. Dunkermotoren provides clients with knowledgeable and reliable support for fast-moving, future-oriented, and technology driven markets. Dunkermotoren has its production facilities mainly in: Germany, China, Czech Republic, Serbia and Italy.

Industry: Audit Services/ Financial Services/ Tax Consulting

Ecovis is an internationally active consulting firm, which has its origin in Germany. In worldwide over 60 countries work more than 4,500 people. The core competencies are audit, tax and legal advice as well as management consultation.


Industry: Mechanical Engineering

EMCO is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of machine tools. Its two commitments “Made in the Heart of Europe” and “Design to Cost” are the main factors in the success of the international company, which stands for functional design and the highest quality standards.


Industry: Management Consulting

Industry: Industrial Engineering

IBS GmbH is an internationally active, medium-sized engineering company with a workforce of more than 200 employees. IBS products are characterised by their high degree of specialisation.
IBS offers its customers complete solutions with a high proportion of in-house content. Whether you require mobile flood-defence walls, stoplogs, shutoff valves, spill-retention barriers or logistics solutions, IBS products manufactured at our production sites in Thierhaupten (Germany) and Rotava (Czech Republic) are sure to fit the bill.


Industry: Mechanical Engineering



Industry: Other Services

Industry: Management Consulting

Krost Business Consulting (Taicang) Co., Ltd. located in German Centre in Taicang, providing company set up (WFOE/JV), investment financing, management consulting, accounting and payroll, Human Resource Recruitment, foreign experts affairs services to European and American small and medium-sized enterprises.


Industry: Mechanical Engineering

Every success begins with an idea. That’s why norelem is there to support you with an unrivalled selection of standard parts and components so that you can achieve your machine and plant construction objectives.


Industry: Information Technology and Services

The proALPHA group is the third largest ERP provider for small and mid-sized manufacturing and trading companies in the DACH region. proALPHA offers ERP software and services from a single source.
The flexible and scalable ERP system features a wide range of functions that allow all processes along the value-added chain to be controlled. The group has 1,800 small and mid-sized customers in 50 countries. They operate in diverse industries, such as mechanical and plant engineering, electronics and high tech, metal working, plastics, wholesale, and automotive and supply.


Industry: Audit Services/ Financial Services/ Tax Consulting

As attorneys, tax advisers, management and IT consultants and auditors, we are present with 110 own offices in 50 countries. Worldwide, our clients trust our 5,800 colleagues.


Industry: Chemicals

We started small. Our first product was “bicarbonate of soda” sold in 1948 at the cost of 10 cents for a 35-gram bag. A lot has happened since then. Today we can look back on a 60-year tradition in the production and marketing of chemical products. Our activities have always been driven by creative solutions and innovations.
As an owner-managed corporate group, we have maintained the virtues that served us well in the past. Long-term thinking, outstanding customer service, short communication paths and quick decisions combined with high demands in terms of quality and progress set the standard for our 100 employees in 4 business areas. Our customers are among the leading companies in their respective industries. We offer experience, confidence and security.


Industry: Legal Services

As an entrepreneur, you are responsible for a broad range of tasks. From product development and production, investment and financing, customer and supplier support, to personnel management and organisation. You are the hub for all activities. You develop strategies, keep an eye on your procurement and sales markets and monitor new technologies. At the same time, it is expected that you maintain an overview in tax and law issues.


Industry: Logistics



Industry: Legal Services

Shaohe Law Firm is a full-service Chinese law firm with local expertise and global reach. Founded in 2007, Shaohe Law Firm has become one of the most trusted legal service providers for foreign companies, especially European companies in China. With more than 20 international and local lawyers, Shaohe Law Firm is the one of the largest German-speaking law firms in the country.


Industry: Medical Devices

We offer worldwide development and manufacturing of class leading lab automation solutions to the high growth IVD and life science sectors. This includes the complete value chain from complex consumables that may be processed on instrumentation to generate data that requires processing and distributing via a data solution.


Industry: Metal Industry and Processing

StrikoWestofen is a global manufacturer of thermal processing technology for the light metal casting industry and provides energy-efficient solutions for die-casting, gravity casting, sand casting and low-pressure casting. Our over 60 years of experience are the foundation for our extensive expertise and industrial knowledge, and this is what allows us to understand the needs and manufacturing processes of our customers so well. We are thus able to optimally integrate our systems into the respective production processes.


Industry: Sports


Branche: Andere Dienstleistungen

Industry: Sports

苏州尚骑势体育用品有限公司 UKE是由一群热爱骑行运动并充满创造力的团队组成,基于专业供应链优势及十五年产品研发经验,结合市场更新迭代需求,致力于研究高科技舒适面料,并以卓越的产品品质,逐步取得消费者的认同。

Industry: Mechanical Engineering

NGR has been building plastics recycling machines in Austria for more than twenty years. These machines turn plastics waste into high-quality pellets in more than 80 countries worldwide. The company stays on the cutting edge of technology by continuously developing and improving plastics processing and machine components. A tightly woven network of distribution partners and our customer service representatives provide excellent service and make sure our machines can be used successfully for many years.


Industry: Chemicals

TEMC has been a part of the foundry industry for more than twenty years. The name is derived from the words Technology, Engineering, Material and Corporation.
We are leading supplier of metallurgical chemicals to the highest quality area of the entire foundry industry. TEMC is the number one supplier of foundry products in Asia, and has obtained the ISO 9001 quality certification.


Industry: Mechanical Engineering

Since the founding of Thermamax Hochtemperaturdämmungen as an independent company in 1976, high temperatures in engines has been our core activity.
Understanding Temperature is our motto. With creative and thoughtful high-temperature insulation systems we make an important contribution to an optimized engine heat balance, essentially a thermal management.


Industry: Mechanical Engineering

Terratech is a German service provider and, with its professional and experienced employees and its broad network, Terratech offers quality controls, audits and development of new suppliers in the garden and power tools sector.

Industry: Filter System

Watch Water® GmbH is a German Water Company, recognized as a leader of Innovative Technology in Waste Water Management and drinking water treatment industry. Founded by Mr Deepak CHOPRA since 1985.

Asia branch office, Watch Water (s) Pte Ltd, is a Singapore Water Treatment Company, with expertise in Ion Exchange Resins and Waste Water Management Technology. Founded by Mr Kelvin CHEN (B.Sc. Taiwan) who has more than 20 years of experience.