Second edition of Chinese Entrepreneur Seminar successfully held at the German Centre Taicang

From November 16th to 18th, 2020 the second Chinese Entrepreneur Seminar was held in the German Centre Taicang. The three days’ seminar prepared Chinese enterprises to enter the German market and moreover provided professional guidance and in-depth insights by German top business experts and officials with proven success records.

The 25 participating managers from Chinese enterprises located in Taicang and Suzhou, enjoyed presentations from top experts on Germany’s business environment including property purchase, investment locations, legal and tax challenges, marketing characteristics as well as human resource, logistic and visa topics.

“Our second Chinese Entrepreneur Seminar here in Taicang was again a great success and very well received by the participants. China is the most important trading partner of Germany. Especially that China just signed one of the biggest free trade deals in history with 14 other countries in the Asia-Pacific region stresses Chinas economic pursuits. So keeping a strong and trustful relationship between China and Germany is very important and a key aspect for mutual prosperity”, said Matthias Mueller, Managing Director of German Centre Taicang.

The second edition of the Chinese Entrepreneur Seminar was again generously supported by the Taicang Bureau of Industry and Information Technology. “In Taicang there are already more than 340 German invested companies. Until now, Taicang is the city with the highest density of German enterprises in China. Cooperation and interaction between German and Chinese enterprises here in Taicang are already very strong and profound. On November 4th, the party secretary of Jiangsu provincial party committee and Suzhou municipal party committee, Xu KunLin visited Taicang. He praised Taicang’s close relation with Germany and encouraged to strengthen further cooperation. This seminar is setting another example for Taicangs effort to establish and enhance great Sino-German cooperation”, explained Mr. Wu Zhongliang, Chairman of Taicang Bureau of Industry and Information Technology.

Taking a practical approach, the seminar finished off with a visit to Brose Taicang, a German automotive company which has established itself as one of the top 40 companies in the industry worldwide. During the site visit the participants obtained first-hand impressions on professional German factory and operating standards.

After completing the Chinese Entrepreneur Seminar the participants are now well equipped for a successful market entry in Germany and the German Centre team is proud to have been able to play a small part in making these successes happen.