Buchhaltung Trainings

Die German Centre Taicang Academy bietet folgende Buchhaltung Trainings an.

Date: Donnerstag, 14. November 2024
Time: 9:00 – 17:00 Uhr
Venue: German Centre Taicang
Language: Chinesisch
Price: 1,800 RMB per person (the participation fee includes lunch and coffee break)

Course Introduction

Business managers face numerous daily decisions, many of which revolve around financial matters. Decisions based on sound financial data are crucial, yet comprehending financial statements can be challenging for those without a financial background. Therefore, it’s essential for business managers to acquire financial knowledge and develop financial acumen. This course offers a systematic introduction to fundamental financial knowledge and analytical skills in an accessible manner, with a focus on cost analysis and budget management. Through clear theoretical explanations, supplemented by case studies and practical exercises, participants will overcome the hurdles of financial understanding. They’ll gain insights into cost structures and budget management by analyzing financial statements, enabling them to swiftly develop strategic financial thinking for making more precise and effective decisions.

Target audience

Chairpersons, general managers, and other non-financial management personnel

Training Objective

Through this course, participants will be able to:

  • Gain proficiency in fundamental accounting and financial management theories
  • Analyze balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements to enhance understanding of the business’s financial well-being
  • Develop strategic financial thinking, adeptly utilizing business operation methodologies, management tools, and enhancing managerial capabilities
  • Cultivate a precise understanding of cost control and adeptness in cost control methodologies
  • Implement comprehensive budget management strategies effectively

Training Content

  • Establish a Strong Foundation: Master Fundamental Theories of Accounting and Financial Management
    • Accounting recognition basis: accrual basis & cash basis
    • Accounting identities
  • Gain Insight into Company Performance via Report Analysis: Master Report Analysis Methods
    • Composition and analysis of financial reports: balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement
    • Collusion between different reports
    • Case Study: Analyze cash flow statements using group M as an example, and participants participate in the exercise
  • Ratio Analysis: Link the Data
    • Solvency ratio: current ratio, quick ratio, interest coverage ratio
    • Capital Turnover Ratio: Total Asset Turnover Ratio, Accounts Receivable Turnover Ratio, Inventory Turnover Ratio, etc
    • Profitability ratio: gross margin, net profit margin, Return on Equity (ROE), etc
    • DuPont analysis
    • Case Study: Conduct proportional analysis using group M as an example, and participants practice it interactively
  • Cost Management: Enhancing Efficiency and Reducing Costs
    • Current state and necessity of cost management
    • Analysis of Cost Components and Elements
    • Case Study: Understanding cost structure take company L as an example
    • Volume-cost-benefit analysis model
    • Strategic cost management based on the enterprise value chain
    • Case Study: Strategic cost management of company A
    • Life cycle cost management: content and management methods, etc
    • Case Study: Analyze the whole life cycle cost management of company A, and participants practice it interactively
  • Comprehensive Budget Management – Basis of Annual Operating Activities
    • Status and necessity of the development of comprehensive budget
    • Principles for comprehensive budget preparation
    • Process and methodology for comprehensive budget preparation
    • Case Study: Take company Z as an example to introduce comprehensive budget management, and participants practice it interactively

Review and Summary

About Linke Consulting

Founded in Shanghai in 2020 by ASQ Certified Master Black Belt Nadya Liu, Linke Consulting Co., Ltd. is a boutique consulting firm that provides theoretical training and practical coaching on Operational Excellence methodologies and tools, aiming at helping corporate clients to achieve their strategic goals and accelerating career development for individual students through scientific enablement. As a young company, Linke Consulting has quickly made its name among numerous corporate clients, individual students and business partners with its solid expert team, flexible consulting approach, international service standard and high-level delivery.

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